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Why do older dogs become available at times?

As we select potential studs and breeding females for our program some may become available at 6 months. These young Dogos are typically ideal for experienced dog people who prefer to avoid the puppy stage. 

Some older females or males may become available after their contribution to our program has been selected. This does not happen often, however it may come up now and again. 

We have always been honest and straight forth people, it is important to us that any dog being brought in to our program has a purpose, we are not commercial breeders, we don't own a surplus of breeding bitches for the sake of selling pups.


Once a Dog has passed on its virtues to our program we like to be able to set those dogs up in a family ambiance so they can receive as much one on one interactions as possible for the remanding years of their lives. I have never been of the idea to hoard dogs if they are not in the breeding program, the more dogs we have the less one on one time we can dedicate to each one, that is just a fact. 

Sometime families that we have sold dogs to have complications and can no longer care for these dogs they are brought back to us and rehired at our expenses. These dogs are re-evaluated and rehired with ideal homes, the new families still have our support for the life of the Dog. 

There will always be the one or two special dogs we keep as pets, unfortunately we cannot keep all of them.

Below are some Dogs that are available or some upcoming available. 

All Dogos will be spayed/neutered prior to being rehomed, you must fill out a questionnaire to be considered.

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