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Our Story

Autumn 2005 is when my Dogo argentino craze began, when i was described of the temperament of a bitch that was owned by my brother in law in my birth land of Mendoza Argentina. ​

It took me six years to acquire my first Dogo after a lot of studying and personal calls to many breeders in Argentina, i decided to import from Argentum Dogos, in the province of Buenos Aires. Simply because this kennel had sent champions across North America. Eber de Argentum was our first Dogo, not only did he mark the beginning of our Kennel but the beginning of my love for breeding a better DOGO ARGENTINO!

Six Months later I decided to do what I think no other breeder in Canada has done! Look for a breeder with no International recognition, however respected by many Argentine Dogueros. In that search I found Duilio Romero and Criadero Las Alcanas. Duilio Romero, a man with passion and true love for the breed, a man that even with extreme difficulties in a struggling Argentinian economy managed to maintain his kennel strong until this day.

We then acquired Auka las Alcanas their kennels pride and Argentine Champion and third overall in the region of Cuyo Ranking for 2011. We personally flew to San Luis, Argentina to pick up Auka and Meet with Criadero Las Alcanas, during this trip we had the Honour to sit down and discuss in depth the breed, past, present and future. We were enlightened by what we consider legends of the breed, Sr. Nelson Balmaceda, Sr. Arnaldo Romero and el Sr. Emilio Quintanilla.


From this day forth we established that the main focus of our Criadero (kennel) would be Temperament, Health and Hunting characteristics over anything else. We have come a long way in one year and it’s just the beginning, We plan to make annual trips to Argentina to continue educating ourselves and helping perfect the breed here in Canada.

Our Criadero is blessed to have four outstanding people behind me at all times, my wife Anabela and my five daughters. Who continuously offer me support and are gradually becoming crazier than I am about the breed. Thank you for all your support!


Thank You Dr. Eduardo Lavado for all your support and continuous mentorship.


​​And thank you to everyone who has listened to me about this breed at least once, I know it’s an earful.

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